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New Horizon can take an assembly drawing and ship a complete, tested and packaged assembly. Once a job has been awarded, an outline of our procedure follows:

  1. We review your print package, bill of materials and any test or packaging requirements.

  • You can send us drawings and a bill of materials via mail or the preferred method of electronic format. We can accept drawings in most formats. If CAD geometry is available it helps in the programming of the CNC's but is not mandatory.

  • We then create an electronic Bill Of Materials (BOM) in our inventory system. If you have the bill in MS Excel (or csv / tab delimited text) we can import it directly, otherwise we will enter it. Any nested sub assemblies will appear as indented items in the BOM and are fully accounted for. The same applies for any "make from" items. Items not machined by us (commercials) will have a vendor and manufacturer attached to them for procurement purposes.

  • Any test requirements or customer specifications are reviewed as well as any cleaning, packaging, bar coding and labeling requirements.

  1. Fabricated items are machined and commercials are procured. The customer is notified of any long lead times.

  2. Fabricated items are inspected and sent out for any secondary treatments or coatings. Items are cleaned and inventoried. When scheduled, a kit list is created for the required number of units to be built. All necessary items are pulled and delivered to the assembly area.

  3. The first time through, an engineer will assist a technician with the assembly. Care is taken to ensure all print and specification requirements are followed. Digital photo's are taken along the way which will later be used in the final internal assembly procedure document [Click here to view a sample procedure, be patient since the graphics are large]. This document is available for review by the customer at any time but is the property of New Horizon Machine Co. This document ensures all subsequent builds are carried out with the same exacting standards and nothing is forgotten.

  4. If provided by the customer, all functional tests are performed on the assembly. If not provided, we may elect to create our own test procedure to verify the assembly meets our standards. All tests are documented and files maintained at New Horizon Machine.

  5. The item is bagged, labeled and bar coded as necessary. The bagged item is then packaged and shipped to the customer.